The Periwinkle party is mostly blue, with "a dollop of Eisenhower red."

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

But what does that mean?

There was a time when the GOP was indeed a Grand Old Party.

But what it has become today the Periwinkle Party wants nothing to do with. Not one teaspoon of that particular hue. However, The Periwinkle Party does embrace the more noble planks of the Republican Party circa about a half century or so ago. Circa Eisenhower.

The Periwinkle Party is not a rubber stamp of any other party, including the DNC. Take the issue of the unaffordability of higher education, for example. Progressives are saying, “Free college for everybody!” I know what they mean: Any young person with the ability and drive to get a college education should find it within the realm of possibility.

But here’s how it reads to those in the center (without whom we cannot win): “Free everything for everybody – on your money!" 

[Cue clip of moderates fleeing in terror, yelling "I had to work to put myself through college!"]

Maybe “free everything” is not the best mantra for progressives to chant, for PR reasons. Like it or not, elections are great big popularity contests.

I think the essence of the message the left is trying to convey is not about coddling wannabe college students too hepped up on pot to get a job (which is what the conservative ear hears), but giving America a competitive edge.

Here is the message The Periwinkle Party is sending to two thirds of the political spectrum:

“As other nations foster and nurture educated upcoming generations, the US is doing the opposite: using aspirant college students as cash cows. We need to be empowering an educated upcoming generation rather than making it almost impossible for aspirant students to get a college education. Let's try to find ways to rein in the runaway costs of a college education in the US. and allow graduates to join the workforce in a creative and positive way.”

Of course, that’s too many words for today’s average voter. But this concept could be distilled into a couple of catchy phrases that few would find it hard to disagree with (except uncle Bob, sitting on the sofa glaring at FOXNews going "I ain't paying for nuthin!”).

Here's an idea. Instead of "Free college for everybody!!!" how about: “More affordable college for most!!!”

And then there’s the S-word. I have even been dubious from the get-go of how they’ve saddled themselves with that. They’re like ”Yes, we're socialists, but that's not as bad as it sounds. Let us explain what Socialism means."

Too late, You’ve already lost ‘em.

This is marketing. It's advertising. I would have voted to leave the S-word out of it. How about “Social Democrats”? That has a ring to it. But, Jesus, Bernie, not “Democratic…” (Here it comes…) "Socialists!!!!”

[Cue graphic of hammer and sickle.]

So, yes, The Periwinkle Party is mostly blue…but we’re realistic enough to know that first, you’ve got to win. And that means not just pandering to the Indigos and Cobalt Blues on the left, but offering something to the Mauves and Purples in the middle.

As for your flaming Fire Engine Reds on the right, well, that’s a lost cause. But if we can appeal to two-thirds of the political spectrum, just maybe we can pull the struts out from under this vile regime and start putting America back together again. —Pilliard Dickle