Imagine the nation we could be living in.

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

A nation that sees value in keeping its populace healthy, and empowers an educated upcoming generation. A nation where we pursue clean, sustainable energy sources instead of propping up dinosaur technologies. A nation where a healthy food supply is the norm. A nation where we don’t put asbestos back in buildings. Well I say…

Lets. Build. That. Nation.

It won’t be easy. It won’t be overnight. And none of it can begin until we depose this regime.

Please note, I did not say Republicans per se, I’m talking this entire cabal of corruption. (But, yeah, starting with sending the Republicans to their room for a little timeout, to think about what they've done.)

But no matter who takes the reins, no matter how ambitious the agenda, job one is repairing the damage that’s being wielded daily.

Let’s say your house was ravaged by a hurricane. Would you be fretting over what art you were going to hang on the walls or which wallpaper would look best in the solarium? No, you'd you’d rip out the warped flooring and shore up the foundation. Well, our house has been—and is being—ravaged daily by a hurricane of greed, hate and ignorance. And the next person to step across that transom into the Oval Office, no matter what their vision, is in effect a repairman. Or a repairwoman.

Let’s Put America Back Together Again. Not like it was . . . better than it was.

But it’s not good enough to base an agenda on damage control. Our vision has to be broader and more ambitious. And that’s why, when I say “Let’s Put America Back Together Again," I add "Not like it was . . . better than it was."

And step one is getting me, and my futon, into the Oval Office. Or if not me, somebody who gives two flying flips about this nation and its people rather than lining the pockets of themselves and their cronies. I don't even have any cronies. My only crony is you.

So whether or not my futon ever sits between the James K. Polk armoire and the Dolly Madison hat rack. . .

Let’s. Start. Building. That. Nation.