Right: Pilliard Dickle, broke cartoonist, running for President in a bathrobe.

"Let’s put America back together again."

Who the heck is Pilliard Dickle?
On election night 2016, cartoonist Pilliard Dickle was so disillusioned with both candidates that he went into a self-imposed exileHe became known as the only person in America who didn't know who won. Now he's making a bid for the job...but he's doing it his way.

He's running his entire campaign from his futon.

Pilliard Dickle after the election, not knowing who won.
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The party named after a crayon
Pilliard Dickle is not running as a Democrat or a Republican. He's with The Periwinkle Party.  It's mostly blue with a dollop of red.* It spans 2/3 of the political spectrum from the Indigos and Cobalt Blues on the left to the Mauves and Plums in the middle.
* Eisenhower red
Note: Membership in The Periwinkle Party does not preclude membership in any other party. It's a little plug-in party. You can be a Periwinklillian and still be whatever else you want. So join today!
"We welcome everybody from true-blue progressives to disillusioned conservatives who are willing to join us in a temporary alliance to put America back together again. Not like it was...better than it was."
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His campaign budget is $175
Plus two Beatles glasses full of change. But he considers this one of his strongest qualifications.

“I will not accept payola from—nor am I indebted to—any corporation.* And I vow to be just as broke the day I leave office as the day I go in."
* In the interest of full disclosure, he does owe Citibank about $300.

"I'm not running on money. I'm running on imagination."

Does he really think he can win?
Who better to answer that than...
"It's a foregone conclusion that our democracy is accessible only to the rich. But I believe that with enough imagination and a positive, forward-moving agenda, it just might be accessible to a broke cartoonist on a futon."

"All I'm asking voters to do is go insane. Like they did two years ago. Do it again, America. But this time, 180º in the opposite direction."

Pilliard Dickle has 2020 vision.
And the future looks bright!

"This cauldron of negativity has set positive forces in motion. In the face of this insanity, people are coming together in amazing ways. And we are going to rescue this democracy. Maybe not next week, or even next year, but we will put this nation back together again. Not like it was, better than it was. Better than it's ever been."

"The American experiment ain't over yet!"

Watch The Futon Show!

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What about the issues?
Take an insider's tour of the campaign headquarters
"The US government should not be a wholly-owned subsidiary of corporate America. And under the administration of a broke cartoonist, it won't be."

Support our campaign.

But not with money.

We've already got our $175, plus two Beatles glasses full of change.* Donate your dollars to progressive candidates across the country who wear actual pants. (And not ones with little hamburgers on them.) If you want to help our cause, post some memes!

"What's important is not that I get elected, but that we all pull together to put America back together again." 

Well, $169.50 now. Pilliard allocated some campaign funds toward a latte this morning. (The caffeine helps him think about the issues.)

"America is on a merry-go-round of hand-wringing and nail-biting. It's sapping our vitality as a nation. Well I say let's step off that ride."
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