Proposal for a Bernie Sanders Fundraising Calendar


Pilliard Dickle's approach to the art of the calendar is unlike any others in the world. They've received rave reviews in national media and have won 13 National and World Calendar Awards from the Calendar Marketing Association. Pilliard Dickle creates calendars for his collectors around the world and has designed calendars for clients such as Mike Birbiglia (Orange is the New Black).


Pilliard Dickle (real name Joe Chandler) would like to design a calendar for Senator Sanders for free. Because the entire year is depicted on a poster, they would be extremely cost-effective to get into print, and are almost all profit—90% or more of the selling price would go directly to helping get Bernie into the White House.

The Train Calendar 2006

The Castle Calendar 2001

Seaside City of Days 2007

"My very favorite of all calendars I've ever seen!"


Gene Shalit, The Today Show

So what might a Bernie Sanders calendar look like?

Here are two rough treatments:

They're cheering from the rooftops of America's cities

Wafting leaflets have Bernie quotes (or whatever info you'd like to convey)

Election Day is a red letter day. (No, wait, make that a blue letter day!)

Time-related phrasess on balloons and placards:

"This is the year!"

"The time has come!"

They're cheering from the rooftops of America's neighborhoods

The crowd (roughly indicated here in outline) will have broad ethnic and demographic diversity

Here is a rough color treatment:

Please keep in mind these are rough treatments.


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Pilliard Dickle and his consortium of fellow artists (and avid Bernie fans) stand at the ready to work with you to burn the midnight oil to create quickly, and according to your guidelines, a unique, upbeat product that every Bernie aficionado will have to have.


If there may be some interest in this idea, please contact:

Joe Chandler

Pilliard Dickle Studio